P36 Saddle Washer Catalog

Because of a unique bonding process, which bonds a strong backing material to a resilient facing material, Aztec’s 3 saddle washers will perform a function that neither material could perform alone. Where sealing challenges are presented, the conical desiJn directs the Áow of the elastomeric Sortion toward Sroblem areas When problems call for cushioning or vibration control, the facing material will also provide the solution. 3 saddle washers solve a variety of problems in numerous applications including: • Noise Control • High Winds Aztec’s unique 3 saddle washer products are designed to provide a permanent seal in a wide variety of applications, including: • Metal roofs and siding where the expansion and contraction of metal require a permanent resilient seal • Quality elastomerics, meeting the need for elasticity, memory, temperature extremes, chemical, ozone and sunlight-resistance. • Conical design directs flow of facing materials to form a seal conforming to both fastener and sealing surface. • Full-face design cushions fragile surfaces and minimizes vibration. • Choice of various colors and finishes A 3 saddle washer is used for fastening of roof coverings in conjunction with either screws or bolts. It is used as a crown fixing and is therefore placed on top of the corrugations or ribs. The 3 saddle washer has the shape that fits the profile of the roof covering. The 3 saddle washers consist of backing material which usually is steel or aluminum, and facing material which has to be very elastic and has good sealing capabilities. Standard saddle washer: The saddle washers on the market today are mostly made from the pre-painted steel or aluminium. The facing material is made of a low tensile strength polymer sponge. The current sponge material has poor memory characteristics which does not allow for the expansion and contraction of the panels used in metal building constructions. 3 saddle washers produced by Aztec are made of an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 1.0 mm or more. Facing material is a nitrogen expanded low durometer EPDM elastomer called "Polymer 36”. Backing material – Aluminium and facing material – 3RO\PeU µ are bonded together prior to forming of saddle washer. 3RO\PeU µ, in addition to its other excellent properties, it has a good temperature resistance. This allows the powder coating of saddle washer in any RAL, NCS or other special colors. Technology of 3 saddle washers powder coating as well as the machines used are specially developed by Aztec :DsKeU &RPSDQ\. )eDtXUes ,QcOXGe Over 40 Years of proven experience in testing and retesting compounded formulas have led to the perfection of Aztec’s 3 saddle washers. Our washers possess extraordinary elasticity and memory when cushioning and vibration control are needed. As the saddle washer is compressed and fastened against a substrate, the facing material serves as a permanent cushion. Saddle Washers are More than just a washer Cushioning and Vibration Control