P36 Saddle Washer Catalog

Our selection of backing material involves three primary considerations: strength, corrosion resistance and cost. Aztec’s sSecial alloys Srovide Jood Serformance when moderate strenJth and deÁection requirements exist. For higher stress applications, improved strength and corrosion resistance may be attained by a selection of specialty alloys and tempers such as 5052-H38. Use of an aluminum P36 saddle washer also minimizes concerns of galvanic corrosion in certain installations. Shape memory - same sealing properties even after repeated installation, high expansion or contraction factor - permanent seal, improved resistance to weather degradation - prolonged life span, excellent heat resistance - allows powder painting in standard or special colors. 7Ke KROe GLDPeteU LQ tKe UXEEeU Ls sPDOOeU tKDQ tKe KROe GLDPeteU LQ the metal 3RZGeU SDLQtLQJ Ls SRssLEOe LQ YDULRXs cRORUs 5eLQIRUcLQJ ULEs (3'0 eODstRPeU ´3RO\PeU µ vulcanized to aluminum µ PP tKLcN AOXPLQXP DOOR\ sKeet Our new 3RO\PeU is a result of industry demand and available technology. The unsuitable memory and wear characteristics of sponge and foam have been eliminated. The unsuitability of powder painting the part after the sponge has been glued on has been eliminated. 3RO\PeU has been developed to withstand the temperatures required to fully cure powder paint and still retain a full and complete bond between the polymer and its aluminum substrate. Memory characteristics very similar to solid polymers have been achieved thru experimentation in chemical technologies and our own expertise in vulcanizing. Backing Materials Aluminum Facing Materials Improved