P36 Saddle Washer Catalog

Quality and Service Worldwide Aztec Washer Company is a family owned and operated corporation located in Poway, California that started in 1968 When its founder, Henry DeGraan, became one of the first bonded washer manufacturers in the world. With his knowledge in the fastener industry, a few local distributors and several orders to fill, Aztec quickly grew to a prominent position in the market place. With over 50 years of experience, knowledge, service and loyalty to our customers, Aztec remains a leader in the industry around the globe with additional operations in the United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, and Mexico. The close working relationship established with our distributor networking ensures that the right parts, in the right quantities are available to meet customer needs and satisfaction. Our extensive tooling and production capabilities provide us with advantage to meet standard, large volume demands as well as custom specialties in the widest range of metals, polymers, and thicknesses allowing endless possibilities. Hank De Graan, Founder of Aztec Washer Company