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Aztec Washer Company Poway, California Aztec Washer Company is a family owned and operated corporation located in Poway, California that started in 1968 When its founder Henry DeGraan, became one of the first bonded washer manufacturers in the world. With his knowledge in the fastener industry, a few local distributors and several orders to fill, Aztec quickly grew to a prominent position in the market place. With over 50 years of experience, knowledge, service and loyalty to our customers, Aztec remains a leader in the industry around the globe with additional operations in the United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, and Mexico. The close working relationship established with our distributor networking ensures that the right parts, in the right quantities are available to meet customer needs and satisfaction. Our extensive tooling and production capabilities provide us with advantage to meet standard, large volume demands as well as custom specialties in the widest range of metals, polymers, and thicknesses allowing endless possibilities. Quality and Service Worldwide Since 1968

A major factor in Aztec’s rise to a leadership position in this industry lies in our tooling resources and over 40 years of experience. Our capabilities enable us to produce both “standards” and “specials” in a range of sizes to accommodate fasteners ranging from #4 diameter up to 1-1/2” diameter bolts, with outside diameters from 1/4” to 3” and the corresponding metric range. Aztec’s vast tooling capabilities coupled with numerous elastomer's, metal and alloy options enable us to offer our customers a variety of choices to fill virtually every need. This exceptional tooling capability permits us to begin with almost any application concept and develop a viable product within time constraints. Our production department, equipped with state-of-the-art high-speed and variable speed presses, surface finishing machines and inspection equipment, manufactures your exact part. Aztec meets the needs of customers with daily requirements in the hundreds to millions - we can meet your volume and quality needs too! Meeting the Need…Volume with Quality Aztec is a *ertified 0:6 company who prides itself on product quality and customer satisfaction >ith an on site rubber chemist and state of the art inspection equipment, >e perform constant monitoring to ensure both the customer’s and Aztec’s standards are met. At Aztec we control all phases of the manufacturing process. From purchasing raw materials, our unique bonding process, to production of the finished product. Aztec professionals work hands on to oversee the entire operation. Quality that Meets the Challenge

Master Seal® bonded washers solve a variety of problems in numerous applications including: • Archery - Protects sensitive bow sights • Motorcycles - Protects fairings and components • Noise Control - Electromechanical automotive devices and motor mounts for compressors and other equipment • Fragile surfaces - Where crazing, cracking and chipping are problems Cushioning and Vibration Control Other useful applications include: • Small and large appliances, vacuum cleaners and refrigerators • Heating ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) equipment • Silos, tanks, bins and other vessels for liquids and solids • Exhaust systems • Panel and enclosures • Environmentally controlled areas When installed for sealing, the materials in Aztec’s Master Seal® bonded washers against either a Åe_ible or inÅe_ible surface to permanently seal in or seal out any environment, natural or industrial. Facing materials are engineered to provide optimal resistance to weathering from ozone, ultraviolet light and chemical agents. Aztec’s unique Master Seal® bonded washer products are designed to provide a permanent seal in a wide variety of applications. Metal construction buildings • Automotive Aircraft • Glass and mirror installations • Architectural panels Other applications Include: • Metal roofs and siding where the expansion and contraction of metal require a permanent resilient seal • Dishwashers - To avoid leaks • Marine - Structural and electronic • Automotive - Air cleaner assemblies,engine blocks, heaters, emission control equipment, body sealing • Air filers - Dust control Over 40 Years of proven experience in testing and retesting compounded formulas have led to the perfection of Aztec’s Master Seal® bonded washers. Our bonded washers possess extraordinary elasticity and memory when cushioning and vibration control are needed. As the bonded washer is compressed and fastened against a substrate, the facing material serves as a permanent cushion. This feature protects the substrate from installation damage (spinning fastener and/or torque) and from vibration damage. When used for cushioning, Master Seal® bonded washers are especially effective on glass, plastic, fiberglass, porcelain and painted surfaces. The cushioning effect eliminates scratching, crazing, chipping and other surface damage. ALL WEATHER RESISTANT SEAL IN OR SEAL OUT…

Facing Materials NEOPRENE (Polychloroprene) One of the earliest, and perhaps best known, of the man-made rubbers, is still one of the most versatile facing materials for sealing and cushioning washers. When properly formulated, it is highly resistant to sunlight, ozone, weathering and aging, while enjoying good memory and elasticity. Although its primary strength lies in its resistance to petrochemicals and certain other chemical families, Neoprene is a generalist, performing well in a myriad of applications. When in contact with petrochemicals is of greater concern than U.V. attack, Neoprene will do the job. SILICONE Addresses the next tier of sealing washer applications. Temperature extremes from - 115º F to + 480º F, exposure to certain chemical environments, or repeated sterilization cycles make silicone the most economical, high performance choice. FLUOROSILICONES, VITONS, etc Aztec works with the most current elastomeric compounds for today’s most demanding sealing applications. ;hese higher cost materials are available to address the most demanding and specific challenges NON-ELASTOMERIC Facings include asbestos-substitutes, cork fiber and soft metals, each useful in select applications. Because new applications demand specific combinations of performance and cost considerations, we can not list specifications for all uses Our applications engineers and chemists are prepared to discuss your requirements and to deliver years of experience just for the asking! Aztec Offers a variety of facing materials to address the distinctly different operating environments to which Master Seal® bonded washer is exposed. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is an excellent, low-cost, ozone and weather resistant elastomer, possessing superior aging characteristics. It is also extremely effective when applications require heat resistance up to 350º F. Although use of EPDM in direct contact with petrochemicals is not recommended, in construction applications where the primary hazards are ozone, ultraviolet light and temperature extremes, EPDM is the elastomer of choice. Backing Materials Our selection of backing material involves three primary considerations: strength, corrosion resistance and cost. Galvanized Steel Provides good strength characteristics and possesses corrosion resistance similar to that found in common commercial zinc-plated fasteners - all at the lowest possible cost. Stainless Steel Austenitic 300 Series or 18-8/A2 combines the optimum corrosion resistance and lowest available cost in a premium material. Its use is indicated wherever stainless fasteners are used or when a corrosive environment might attack lesser materials. 316 Stainless Steel Austenitic 300 Series with Molybdenum/A4 provides the highest corrosion resistance available in standard production materials Due to higher cost, it is specified only in the harshest marine or industrial environments. Silicone-Bronze, Copper, COR-TEN® And other special property metals are available for use in specific applications and for Architectural aesthetics. Aluminum Aztec’s special alloys provide good performance when moderate strength and deÅection requirements e_ist -or higher stress applications, improved strength and corrosion resistance may be attained by a selection of specialty alloys and tempers such as 5052-H38. Use of an aluminum Master Seal® also minimizes concerns of galvanic corrosion in certain installations.

Seals Against any Surface Smooth or irregular, durable or fragile. Effective seal develops around fastener when sealant is forced inward during tightening. Fastener may be pre-assembled to Master Seal® bonded washer and installed as a unit. Effective with virtually all fastener types and sizes. Assemblies may be painted to match the color of fastened panels Strength of backing provides load bearing,compresses the seal vertically and protects it against turning fastener head. Facing element provides barrier against leakage at surface and around fastener. Protects surface from damage. Helps in reducing noise or vibration Excessive Torque Causes reverse dishing. Leakage under seal possible Correct Installation ;ight against surface :eal Åows inward to seal minor fastener diameter and surface voids Insufficient Tightening Likely to cause leakage under seal and around fastener. Because of an unique bonding process, which bonds a strong backing material to a resilient facing material, Aztec’s Master Seal® bonded washers will perform a function that neither material could perform alone >here sealing challenges are presented, the conical design directs the Åow of the elastomeric portion toward problem areas. When problems call for cushioning or vibration control, the facing material will also provide the solution. Features Include: • Quality elastomerics, meeting the need for elasticity, memory, temperature extremes, chemical, ozone and sunlight-resistance. • Conical design directs flow of facing materials to form a seal conforming to both fastener and sealing surface. • Full-face design cushions fragile surfaces and minimizes vibration. • Inside diameter sizes from -1/4” to 3”and corresponding metric range. • Choice of many backing materials. • Choice of various colors and finishes. • Choice of various facing materials. Master Seal® Bonded Washers are More than just Washers

P36 Saddle Washer: 41-32 P36 Saddle Washer: AW-24 P36 Saddle Washer: AW-25 P36 Saddle Washer: ANT P36 Saddle Washer: 26-15 P36 Saddle Washer: 26-27 P36 Saddle Washer: 26-49 P36 Saddle Washer: 55-32 1.406” #14 ID 1.531” 1.535” 0.040” Aluminum 0.950” Vulcanized Rubber 1.535” #14 ID 1.545” 1.333” 21º 38º 50º 0.040” Aluminum 1.931” 1.747” 1.065” Vulcanized Rubber #14 ID 1.333” 2.000” 0.040” Aluminum 1.313” 1.201” 77º 0.930” Vulcanized Rubber #14 ID 1.636” 1.201” 1.250” 63º 1.462” 0.040” Aluminum 0.975” Vulcanized Rubber 1.250” 1.636” #14 ID 1.169” 1.491” 40º 0.040” Aluminum 0.965” Vulcanized Rubber #14 ID 1.169” 1.545” P36 Saddle Washer: 32-25 1.583” 1.308” 1.080” 60º 0.040” Aluminum Vulcanized Rubber #14 ID 1.308” 1.636” 1.989” 1.714” 60º 0.040” Aluminum 1.475” Vulcanized Rubber 1.714” 1.636” #14 ID 2.854” 2.306” 52º - 54º 0.040” Aluminum 2.020” Vulcanized Rubber 2.306” 2.000” #14 ID 1.406” 0.040” Aluminum 0.750” Vulcanized Rubber Our new "polymer 36" is a result of industry demand and available technology. The unsuitable memory and wear characteristics of sponge and foam have been eliminated. The unsuitability of powder painting the part after the sponge has been glued on has been eliminated. Polymer 36 has been developed to withstand the temperatures required to fully cure powder paint and still retain a full and complete bond between the polymer and its aluminum substrate. Memory characteristics very similar to solid polymers have been achieved through experimentation in chemical technologies and our own expertise in vulcanizing. P36 Saddle Washers

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