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Design Excellence Weather Protection Base Flexibility Easy On-Site Customization Aztec’s flexible design meets all roofing needs. Sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion contraction. The soft aluminum base easily conforms to most metal roof profiles. The base is designed to form a seal on most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location. Fast, one piece construction allows for easy on-site installation in usually 5 minutes. Modification Made Simple Easy to see pipe diameters make for painless on-site installation. Made of E.P.D.M. or Silicone, these flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light. HIGH TEMP RED/GRAY/BLACK SILICONE 70 hour @ 500 pphm +260°C (+500°F) +225°C (+437°F) – 74°C (-101°F) 50% *Complete specification data and testing methods are available upon request. Advanced Ozone Resistance tested to... High Temperature Resistance Low Temperature Resistance tested to... Compression Set Maximum... Tested to Intermittent Continuous EPDM 70 hour @ 500 pphm +135°C (+275°F) +100°C (+212°F) – 55°C (-67°F) 25% Master Flash® Specifically Designed For… Solar & Electrical Applications

Pipe Range: Closed Top – 1” (0 - 25mm) • Overall Height: 3/4” (19mm) Base: Square 2-1/4” (57mm) • Compound: EPDM and Silicone • Color: Ten color options available Pipe Range: Closed Top– 39-1/2” (0 to 1 meter) • Compound: EPDM and High Temp Silicone Color: Ten color options available • Sizes: Mini to Maxi XL Mini Standard Master Flash® Smallest flashing available! Standard Master Flash® The Original! Master Flash® was used to create a new engineering standard for profiled roofing by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (for the Uniform Plumbing Code) and remains the only product listed. These products are also listed for use with Type B vents. The addition of fire retarding agents milled directly into the rubber compound created a self extinguishing feature which enables it to be used with type “B” vents. Listed with IAPMO certification No. 3121

Solar Flash Master Flash® Specifically designed for solar Applications Pipe Range: 3/4”– 1-1/8” (19 - 28mm) • Top Opening: 3/4” (19mm) Overall Height: 2-1/4” (57mm) • Base: Round 4” (63mm) • Compound: EPDM and High Temp Silicone The simple round base flashing is available in EPDM and silicone with a pre-cut hole for pipe sizes 3/4” to 1” (19 - 25mm) allowing for minimal on-site preparation and assembly. The pitch canal allows for maximum flexibility, easily accommodating up to a 60 degree pitch without affecting performance. Red Silicone This universal flashing has been designed to fit virtually all panel configurations. Sleeve flexibility absorbs vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion contraction. Easy on-site customization can accommodate all normal installations. Universal Master Flash® All Around Design Excellence Pipe Range: Closed Top – 19” (0- 508mm) • Compound: EPDM and Red, Black or Gray High Temp Silicone Color: Thirteen color options • Sizes: Mini to #9 Gray Silicone Red Silicone Dark Gray EPDM

Electrical Mast Connection Master Flash® Specifically designed for the Residential Roofing Industry, Pipe Range: Closed Top – 5-3/8” (0 - 136mm) • Base: Square 15” (381mm) Compound: EPDM and High Temp Silicone The built in 20° pitch allows adaptability to almost any roof pitch including 45° Easy to see pipe diameters make for painless on-site installation. No hassle stainless steel gripper to secure retrofit application Extreme Angle Master Flash® Specifically designed for Metal Roofing Industry, Pipe Range: Two Sizes Closed Top to 8” (0 - 203mm) • Base: 11” to 14-1/4” (279 to 362mm) Compound: EPDM and High Temp Silicone Silicone Modification made simple Easy to see pipe diameters make for painless on-site installation. The built in ž degree pitch allows to handle any extreme roof pitch 5ž - 5ž sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion/contraction. Easy on-site customization accommodates all normal installations. For applications with a 35 to 65 degree angle, while accepting & responding to the most commonly encountered pipe penetrations.

P36 Saddle Washer: 32-25 P36 Saddle Washer: 41-32 P36 Saddle Washer: 55-32 #14 ID 1.308” 1.636” 2.306” 2.000” #14 ID 1.714” 1.636” #14 ID 1.583” 1.308” 1.080” 60º 0.040” Aluminum Vulcanized Rubber 1.989” 1.714” 60º 0.040” Aluminum 1.475” Vulcanized Rubber 2.854” 2.306” 52º - 54º 0.040” Aluminum 2.020” Vulcanized Rubber #14 ID 1.333” 2.000” 1.406” #14 ID 1.531” P36 Saddle Washer: AW-24 1.535” #14 ID 1.545” P36 Saddle Washer: AW-25 P36 Saddle Washer: ANT 1.333” 21º 38º 50º 0.040” Aluminum 1.931” 1.747” 1.065” Vulcanized Rubber 1.535” 0.040” Aluminum 0.950” Vulcanized Rubber 1.406” 0.040” Aluminum 0.750” Vulcanized Rubber P36 Saddle Washer: 26-15 P36 Saddle Washer: 26-27 P36 Saddle Washer: 26-49 1.250” 1.636” #14 ID #14 ID 1.169” 1.545” #14 ID 1.636” 1.201” 1.169” 1.491” 40º 0.040” Aluminum 0.965” Vulcanized Rubber 1.250” 63º 1.462” 0.040” Aluminum 0.975” Vulcanized Rubber 0.040” Aluminum 1.313” 1.201” 77º 0.930” Vulcanized Rubber Our new "polymer 36" is a result of industry demand and available technology. The unsuitable memory and wear characteristics of sponge and foam have been eliminated. The unsuitability of powder painting the part after the sponge has been glued on has been eliminated. Polymer 36 has been developed to withstand the temperatures required to fully cure powder paint and still retain a full and complete bond between the polymer and its aluminum substrate. Memory characteristics very similar to solid polymers have been achieved thru experimentation in chemical technologies and our own expertise in vulcanizing. P36 Saddle Washers

GREEN Description of Section’s Relevance Elastomer Roof Flashings Product Offerings Low Emitting Materials- VOC Emission Limits Low Emitting Materials-Product VOC Content Building Product Disclosure- Recycled Content of Materials PBT¹ Source Reduction-Lead, Cadmium, Copper Red List Content Conflict Mineral Content Hazardous Substance Content (ROHS) Location(s) Where Manufactured Additional Information Various products offered by Aztec that apply to information as follows. • Master Flash® Roof Flashing • Retro Master Flash® Flashing There are no VOC regulations for these products. These products have no VOC content. Some of these ashings, may contain up to 2% recycled material. There is no lead, cadmium, or copper present in these products. These products contain no materials present on the red list. These products contain no con ict minerals. No substances present which are reportable per ROHS guidelines. Locations of manufacturing: •Tecate, Mexico There is no additional information for these products. Strictest VOC regulatory limit in which governs the above products. Best estimate of the actual VOC content within product in g/L or % by weight. Products with low VOC content may assist in earning LEED credit and improving air quality. Recycled content used within product that may assist in earning LEED points. Lead, Cadmium, and Copper content for use in determining LEED credit for PBT reduction. Any red list materials as de ned by the Living Building Challenge (LBC). Any materials within the product that may be from the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Any substances contained within the product reportable per ROHS guidelines. Manufacturing location of the product pertains to its carbon footprint. If jobsite area is within 500 straight-line miles of this location, LEED credit may be earned. Additional product information relative to LEED or environmental health and safety. ¹PBT’s are known as Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins. *All information contained in this document is gathered from reliable sources believed to be up-to-date and accurate to the best of our knowledge. LEED Green Building Submittal Sheet- Elastomer Roof Flashings GREENPROGRAM

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