Master Flash Retrofit Applications Catalog

included no hassle stainless steel gripper to secure retrofit application Electrical Mast Connection Master Flash® Specifically designed for the Residential Roofing Industry. The built in 20º pitch allows adaptability to almost any roof pitch including 45º Applications: Drywall • Sidewall • Applications Stucco Walls • Corrugated Metal Sides • Roof Penetrations Specifically designed for Sidewall or Low Profile Applications Stainless Steel Gripper for Retrofit Applications Included LOW-PROFILE MULTI-FLASH Master Flash® Stainless Steel Gripper for Retrofit Applications Included B-Overall Height 10-3/4” (273mm) 5/16” (8mm) A-Pipe Range Closed - 8” (0-203mm) C-Base B-Overall Height 16-1/2” (419mm) 5/16” (8mm) A-Pipe Range Closed-12-1/2” (0-318mm) C-Base B-Overall Height 6-1/4” (158mm) 5/16” (8mm) A-Pipe Range Closed-3-3/4” (0-95mm) C-Base Low-Profile Flashing Details #1 #2 #3 LP101BA-G LP201BA-G LP301BA-G Name #1 Low-Profile #2 Low-Profile #3 Low-Profile Part # Compound Black EPDM Black EPDM Black EPDM EMC101BS EMC102RS EMC102GX Closed - 5-3/8” (0 - 136mm) 15” (381mm) Electrical Mast Connection Black EPDM Gray Silicone Red Silicone Name Part # Compound Pipe Range Base 15” (381mm) A-Top Opening Closed C-Base Electrical Mast Connection Flashing Details B-Pull to suit pipe size 0-5-3/8” (0-136mm) A B C Extreme Angle Multi-Flash Master Flash® For standard or retrofit applications with a 3/12 to 16/12 pitch, while accepting & responding to the most commonly encountered pipe penetrations. This flashings were designed to seal existing pipes/vents that requires a wrap-around existing or hard to reach installation Retrofit Applications Just cut down the middle for retrofit applications. Specifically designed for either Standard or Retrofit Applications ALL NEW EMF101BA-G EMF102GX-G Retrofit 5/8”- 4-1/4” (16 - 108mm) Standard 11/16” – 4-3/4” (30 - 120mm) 11” 279mm) #1 Extreme Angle Multi-Flash Black EPDM Gray SILICONE Name Part # Compound Pipe Range Base