Aztec Green

On a sales trip in early 2007, a very sharp man asked how the “Green Movement” had influenced our company. Although we are a family oriented company that has always been socially and environmentally conscious, I have never been asked that question before and it prompted the following statement. Throughout the years, Aztec Washer Company has continued to research and implement new policies to conserve and protect our natural resources and reduce energy consumption wherever possible. This policy is applied to our manufacturing process as well as our general use.

We are proud to say that we recycle all of our scrap materials from the production process throughout packaging and shipping. Aztec also designed and produced the very first and only bonded washer/screw head powder paint and assembly machine in use today. With the removal of harmful VOC’s no longer a concern for Aztec, we chose to make this revolutionary paint line available to the rest of the world. Aztec will continue to pursue new avenues for protecting the world’s resources. In pursuit of those efforts, we have employed the services of an Energy Curtailment Specialist to advise new and innovative ways we can reduce energy and preserve our environment.

Respectfully Yours,
Matthew DeGraan