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Revolutionary & Innovative Products Since 1968

Master Flash®

Aztec design meets all roofing needs. One-piece construction allows for easy on-site installation in minutes.

Replicated But Never Duplicated

Reconstruction - New Construction - Commercial - Residential - Industrial
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Master Seal®

Bonded Washers are more than just washers.

Cushioning and Vibration Control

Extraordinary elasticity and memory when cushioning and vibration control are needed.
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P36 Saddle Washers

Over 40 Years of proven experience have led to the perfection of Aztec’s saddle washers.

Solve a Variety of Problems

Metal roofs and siding where the expansion and contraction of metal require a permanent resilient seal. Excellent for Noise Control and High Winds.
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Rubber Washers

EPDM Rubber available in custom sizes for cushioning, sealing, abrasion, vibration or dampening.

Volume with Quality

Quality the meets the challenge with superior manufacturing processes and accuracy.
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